Pixel Art Resources

A list of resources that I think might be helpful if you’re just starting to learn how to make pixel art or if you’d like to have a quick guide on how to improve.

  • Beginner’s guide by Pedro Medeiros (Really helpful for absolute beginners.)
  • Tutorials by Pedro Medeiros (Great for beginners as well as professionals.)
  • Pixel art tutorials on Lospec (A collection of tutorials of all sorts.)
  • Beginner’s guide on Lospec (Also great for absolute beginners.)
  • List of palettes on Lospec
  • PixelProspector (Great for finding resources of all sorts. This is an archived version of the site. PixelProspector is currently being redesigned for a relaunch on 31 July, 2019.)
  • Tutorials by MortMort on YouTube

You can also check out Retronator‘s blog for pixel art and gaming news.

These are some of my favourite resources and I hope they will be helpful for you as well.

Have fun creating!

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